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Amelia Ayerst

colour-morphing effects

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Beige 4X007

Black 4X009

Blue Grid Floating GRID002

Earthy Bow BOW001

Forest Floating 4X005

Midnight 4X008

Neutral 4X006

Rust 4X002

Rust Bow Floating 1X002


All works: 2021

Sold individually: 1st edition is £785, editions 2-25 are £625

Sold as Grid of Nine: £5,625

Digital embroidery on cotton canvas, oak frame

475mm x 475mm x 35mm

Each piece signed, dated and with edition number.


Textile designer Amelia Ayerst uses a unique digital embroidery stitch, combining complementary colour-ways and differing stitch densities, to create a colour-morphing effect as her products move. Her art pieces are drawn from the world around her. Her first collection was inspired by a trip to India and includes bright and bolder designs. The newer collection, shown at Collect was inspired when she was in lockdown, looking at different stitch structures and how they interact with colour and each other.

Amelia says, “Everything from architecture, scale, colour combinations and pattern help inspire my designs. I love creating work that captivates the viewer, and seeing them interact with the piece by moving around to see all the different elements and colours within it. My artworks are intended to be used alone, or can be grouped to build statement walls as a grid of artworks combining different colours, patterns and ratios.

Amelia also takes commissions for one-of-a-kind artworks to fit specific interior concepts.

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