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Ash & Plumb

to honour and nurture

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Heartwood Vessel #4



H: 24cm x Diameter 53cm

Mended Vessel #1



Cross stitched with waxed linen thread.

H: 31cm x Diameter 48cm

Mended Vessel #2



Cross stitched with waxed linen thread.

H: 32cm x Diameter 46cm

Saxon Vessel #3


H: 21cm x Diameter: 34cm

All pieces 2022 and made from coppiced oak from Buck Holt Farm, East Sussex.  Aged through a treatment of Iron Oxide and Slaked Lime and finished with local Linseed oil and beeswax. Finished with maker’s stamp and year on base.


The unique collaboration of Ash & Plumb was created by Barnaby Ash & Dru Plumb in June 2020, to honour naturally sustainable materials through the art of woodturning to create unique sculptural and functional works. Their craft is about nurturing a connection to and a collaboration with the natural world, to not only understand the vast array of possibilities their material of choice provides but also to honour and nurture the British woodlands from which it is provided.

Aiming to inspire a contemporary familiarity through their forms, each piece references ceremonial aesthetic archetypes that they as makers are personally drawn to. Each vessel is hewn and turned to an even wall thickness, naturally changing form during the drying process and once dry, natural defects and cracks in the wood are celebrated and secured through a stitching process that references traditional leathercraft.

Ash & Plumb operate out of a small barn workshop on a nearby farm just over the South Downs from where they live on the edge of Brighton, creating a wide variety of unique works from miniature forms to large scale vessels over half a metre in diameter. Often working with freshly felled logs they process the timber from start to finish themselves, giving them full control over the creative process and opportunity to make use of each part of the tree.

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