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Clare Pentlow

mesmerising surfaces

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65cm x 65cm



45cm x 45cm

Nuclei Halo


45cm x 45cm

All works 2022, handcut paper and signed on reverse.


Paper is a continuing source of exploration for artist Clare Pentlow. She embraces its versatile qualities, its strength and fragility, and enjoys challenging common perceptions of the material. Clare delights in turning an ordinary flat sheet of paper into something extraordinary. Precision hand cutting and folding are combined through methodical repetitive motions, building layer upon layer of paper, and creating highly-textured, mesmerising surfaces which draw the viewer in. The methodical approach Clare takes is rooted in her love of maths and science: she is continually being inspired by patterns in nature.

White paper holds a particular interest for Clare: She can play with the subtle tones it produces when in shadow and light. The focus becomes shapes and forms and it reveals more detail as the viewer draws closer.

Although Clare named two of her pieces for Collect after scientific terms, recognising her inspiration and love of science, she says, “The third, Ambedo, I found to be a beautiful word, a sense of a melancholic daydream of life’s fragility. Something I find similarities in with paper – fragile yet strong. With the pieces I hope to draw the viewer in as they become aware of more detail and layers.”

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