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Diane Griffin

emotions and constructs

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Porcelain & earthenware, gold lustre

H32 x W26 x L37cm (three elements, variable dimensions)

Earthly Connection



Porcelain, earthenware, platinum lustre

H33 x W21 x L18cm

Hand in Hand



Porcelain & earthenware

H23 x W20 x L28cm

All works signed on base.


Diane Griffin creates poetic ceramic sculptures composed of contrasting forms and textures. Her work is inspired by human experiences in relation to emotions, and the constructs we have evolved to manage them.  This interest began during a trip to Jerusalem’s Wailing Wall when she was 19 years old. Here Diane was fascinated by the hum of prayers being spoken to the stone wall and the thousands of messages left at this historic site.  She observed how people were using this ritual to come together to connect with their spiritual selves as well as a higher power.

Religions and cultures across the world have used the elements of the natural world in ceremonies and rituals for millennia and it is this connection that has inspired Diane’s latest series of works. The series is called Ego Sum Terra (I am Earth), which explores the spiritual relationship humans have with the world. Humanity relies on nature for its existence, and its physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Diane says, “Humans and nature, we are essentially as one.  My Ego Sum Terra series focuses on the blurring of this boundary.” Her organic earthy forms combine with ones more ordered and refined. Repeated layers of delicate porcelain sheets merge with and emerge from textured and cracking surfaces blending into one united piece.

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