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Fung + Bedford

non-figurative abstract & geometric

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£30,000 or to commission.

Hand-folded Fedrigoni Serio Pearl Aurum 300 gsm art paper

10.5 m h x 2 w – this is a site-specific installation in the Stamp Staircase at Somerset House. Can be re-configured or commissioned for other spaces.

Letter of authenticity can be supplied.


Creative duo Angela Fung and Ashley Bedford are best known for challenging conventions and pushing the possibilities of fibre and paper. Between them, they want to change the public perception of origami and create exceptionally beautiful, large-scale architectural origami sculptures and installations. They aim to create non-figurative abstract geometric installations utilising origami’s expandability to construct ambitious large scale immersive projects with the least possible weight.

Combining a knowledge of architecture, jewellery making and origami folding techniques, Fung + Bedford have been commissioned by Crafts Council to create a piece at Collect to respond to the Stamp Stairs, the spectacular five-storey period staircase linking the floors of the fair together.

Made by hand with exquisite skill, as well as machine scored for ultimate precision, Gathering is a new departure for the artists to create a more abstract and fluid way of manipulating paper.  Drawing from their jeweller’s repertoire of metal manipulation, each individual component of Gathering is pinched, twisted and gathered, in an echo of the jeweller’s making process of twisting and pinching wires and sheets. The unit is then multiplied to form a bigger gathering to create a wall of cascading gold units.

This installation has been generously supported by Crafts Council, to whom we give sincere thanks.

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Portrait of Angela Fung at Somerset House courtesy of Kate Bajic