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Kate Bajic

minute complexities

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Evernia earrings



Baroque river pearl, sterling silver, 18ct gold

7 x 2.5 cm

Evernia tiara



Sterling silver, 18ct gold

17 x 15 x 4 cm

Foliose brooch



Dendritic agate, sterling silver

7.5cm diameter

Parmelia brooch



Baroque river pearl, sterling silver, 18ct gold

7 x 6cm

Parmelia drops



Baroque river pearl, 9ct gold


All works Hallmarked with maker’s mark.


Traditional jewellery hand-working is a major part of Kate Bajic’s creative practice. This gentle and involved approach allows slight imperfections, created by the human hand during the making process, to bring a richness to her work: something Kate celebrates, and hopes brings a vibrancy and value to her jewellery.

Kate’s designs come from studying the varied colour, textures and forms found in lichen. There are over 1,800 different lichen in the UK alone so they offer an extensive source of inspiration. Through photography and sample collection, Kate examines their minute complexity and translates aspects of this into her work. She handcrafts pieces mainly in sterling silver, with highlights of 18ct gold. Selected one-of-a-kind gemstones form the starting point in some of Kate’s design, where she focuses’ on particular aspects of the stone and translates those through into the piece of jewellery, tying the naturally occurring and the handmade together.

As a jeweller, Kate loves the challenge of creating a larger piece like a brooch or a tiara as it gives an opportunity to scale up her detailing and bold sculptural design. She made her first tiara to commission in spring 2021. Kate decided to create another for Collect in 2022 as she wants to highlight the tiara as an overlooked piece of statement jewellery. Kate successfully demonstrates that it is possible to create a contemporary tiara which is beautiful and elegant, and which can be worn and enjoyed by a jewellery lover as easily as a brooch or neckpiece.

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