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Margo Selby

colour, form, shape, orientation, rhythm

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Kaleidoscope I


Kaleidoscope II


Kaleidoscope III


All works 2022, Tencel and silk, framed in wood, each 1795mm (h) x 920mm (w) and signed.

For sale individually, or as a triptych (Kaleidoscope I, II and III) at £24,000.


Margo Selby is an artist and textile designer working with colour and geometric form. The handwoven artworks are made in Margo’s Kent studio, and exhibited worldwide. Her most recent works are both painterly, in regard to the optical mixing of pure colour, and sculptural, due to the physicality of woven thread as a mode of construction. The pieces are stretched and wall-mounted, but operate as objects rather than pictures or decoration – they are non-representational, and their colours are integral rather than applied to a surface. Formal aesthetics are paramount, and in constant intersection – colour, form, shape, orientation, rhythm – the grammar of Margo’s language.

In 2021 Margo was awarded the prestigious bi-annual Turner Medal for Britain’s Greatest Colourist, and gave the Turner Lecture, reflecting on her practice. Margo was the recipient of the Collect Open Award in 2020, last time the event took place at Somerset House.

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