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Christine Meyer-Eaglestone

balance, rhythm, harmony, discord

Instagram: @christinemeyereaglestone

Bauhaus II, 2019

Five-panel marquetry screen: painted and lacquered ash framework connected with Soss hinges. Hand-cut marquetry surface design using pama, dyed tulip and Italian ‘reconstructed’ wood veneers. The reverse is veneered in red. 206 x 230 x 2 cm (as standing concertina)/ Unique piece. Veneered logo of maker on the bottom right of the right-hand panel.

£12,000 incl. UK delivery

Spheres, 2019

Six-door marquetry sideboard: solid maple construction with a maple veneered plywood back. The six push-to-open doors feature a hand-cut marquetry design using sycamore, black dyed tulip and Italian ‘reconstructed’ wood veneers and are edged in black boxwood. They are hinged with pivot hinges. Inside there are three veneered shelves. 65 x 198 x 44 cm. Unique piece. Veneered logo of maker.

£12,000 incl. UK delivery

Circles & Stripes II, 2016

Long marquetry chest: the hand-cut marquetry surface design is made up of sycamore, walnut, tamo ash, dyed tulip and Italian ‘reconstructed’ wood veneers. The two painted oak support ‘break’ two thirds from the bottom and there are two recesses in the top third to aid lifting the lid. The lid is hinged with stainless hinges and restrained with a stainless chain on each side. The interior base and lid are lined with suede. 44 x 140 x 44 cm. Unique piece. Veneered logo of maker.

£6,500 incl. UK delivery

Christine Meyer-Eaglestone creates unique hand-cut marquetry artworks and furniture (screens, mirrors etc). Christine has a fine art background and her designs often play with spatial illusion through vibrant use of colour and bold geometric composition, evolving as she intuitively chooses from a ‘palette’ of conventional and ‘reconstructed’ wood veneers. She makes speculative pieces and occasionally works to commission.

“I believe there is a strong relationship between architecture and music and in Bauhaus II I have attempted to marry visualised musical components with architectural elements. As in music and architecture, structure is central to this design and essential elements are shared by both: balance, rhythm, harmony, discord.”

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