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Fung + Bedford

serenity and beauty through origami

Instagram: @fungandbedford

Chinese Laundry, 2019

Hand-folded Tyvek panels, tensioned stainless steel wires, steel brackets. 300 × 55 × 5 cm, per single panel. 
Edition of 39 panels, available in sets of 3 or more. The designers will affix a custom label to each panel sold.

Fung + Bedford is the design studio of Angela Fung and Ashley Bedford, experienced designers who make bespoke architectural origami paper installations for commercial and interior projects. They work with architects and interior designers to create inspiring spaces. In their Sussex-based studio, they combine architecture experience and origami folding techniques to create bespoke Tyvek paper installations for inspiring spaces.

“We love origami. Our passion is to bring calm, serenity and beauty through origami into the 21st century environment. We create Architectural Origami – origami inspired large scale installations, combining experience of contemporary jewelry and architecture. We challenge the traditions of origami and exploring the possibilities of manipulating humble paper – transforming it into contemporary art installations. The whole idea was for visitors to be able to walk through the maze of origami and have the panel sway back and forth gently in one’s wake.”

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