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Hannah White

reinterpreting handcrafted techniques

Instagram: @hannahwhitestudio

Fluidity and Rigidity: Smocked Leather Diamond Metal Panel, 2018

Hand stitched leather (to create the original form). Actual piece: resin, copper electroform, nickel plating.
 30 x 45 x 5 cm
. Unique piece. Artist will provide signed and dated letter of authenticity.


Fluidity and Rigidity: Chevron Woven Metal, 2020

Woven fabric, copper electroform, nickel plating. Made from specifically designed woven fabric, handstitched and selectively electroformed using the artist’s own Metal Integral Skeleton Textiles (MIST) process, developed during her PhD at the Royal College of Art.
 74 x 95.5 x 9 cm.
 Unique piece. Artist will provide signed and dated letter of authenticity.


Textile artist and weaver Hannah White creates innovative materials and sculptural art pieces. Her practice centres on exploring structural textiles and material processes, which led Hannah to explore this passion during her Doctorate at the RCA. Hannah thrives on generating fresh approaches to textile processes through reinterpreting handcrafted techniques.

Hannah is fascinated by how weaving and stitching methods can create three-dimensional forms. This curiosity inspires her to combine traditional techniques such as smocking with unexpected uses of materials. Her sculptural forms often explore contrasts between soft/hard surfaces and textiles’ fluidity and metal’s rigidity, creating intriguing textural surfaces.

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