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Holly Suzanna Clifford

Instagram: @holly_suzanna_clifford

Bespoke Tilted Silver Contour Map Tumbler, 2020

Sterling silver, eco resin, paint, glass pearls. 9.5 × 9 × 8 cm. Edition, made to commission, each piece unique to the buyer’s location: solid silver tilted tumbler, showcasing an eco-resin lid containing layers of paintwork and a hand-pierced silver contour map which depicts the topography of a chosen landscape. Home, in the illustrated edition, is marked by a tiny faux pearl, but precious stones or metal markers are also an option. This tumbler is made to commission, creating a truly personal & unique piece featuring a meaningful landscape. Hallmarked silver, maker’s mark.


Silver Contour Map Cruet Set, 2020

Sterling silver, eco-resin, English walnut. 11  x 20 diameter cm. Edition made to commission, each piece unique to the buyer’s location: a topographical map in hand-cut silver on the lid, tube-riveted to a eco-resin disc which is created by pouring several separate layers, each one encasing green brushstrokes of paint. Encircling the body of the piece are hand engraved place names, relating to their positions on the map lid, reminiscent of trig points. Inside are four solid silver dishes with gilded insides for condiments, into a slice of English Walnut. The illustrated edition shows a part of Sheffield. Hallmarked silver, maker’s mark.

£4,650 (including UK postage)

This work springs from the union of Holly Suzanna Clifford’s two creative practices: her self-titled art jewellery and her bespoke map service Contour Map Collection. The signature vibrant eco-resin elements of her painterly jewellery designs are fused with the sculptural forms of her topographical work; creating a truly narrative piece. The storytelling element of this work captivates her. “Maps become far more than expressions of cartography, they become holders of our memories; part of our personal journeys and to some extent, records of our passage through life itself.” (Nick Tasker, British Cartographic Society, 1999.)

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