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Jacky Puzey

a beautiful meditation

Instagram: @jackypuzey

Dandy Parakeets Cocktail Chair, 2017

Printed and machine-embroidered velvet, traditionally upholstered onto wooden frame and embellished with custom-dyed feathers. 76 x 63 x 51 cm. Limited edition of 20, 9 available, made to order. Embroidered edition label on underside of chair seat. Certificate of Authenticity can be provided.


Dandy Parakeets Screen, 2017

Duchesse satin, custom-dyed feathers, embroidery. Framed in wood to suit purchaser’s requirements. 140 x 120cm. Limited edition of ten. Ten available, made to order. Duchesse satin may be replaced with cotton satin. Maker’s sticker label on reverse. Certificate of Authenticity can be provided.


Hare Screen, 2016

Vintage kimono fabric, cotton organdie, silk organza, ethically-sourced fur, embroidery; frame of American black walnut. 190cm x 100 x 60 (with feet, can be removed to make it wall-hung). Unique piece. Certificate of Authenticity provided.

£10,200 (framed)

Jacky Puzey’s artworks reflect on shifting cultural allegiances and shared patterns. Conceptually her embroidery designs explore visual collaborations across cultures, from multicultural graffiti’d cityscapes to historical textile motifs and traditional cloth. Her embroidery creates a beautiful meditation on urban migration and landscape, where lime-green Parakeets hurtle across London gardens and hares move into urban parks. Cultural exchange is an important theme as her textile patterns reflect contested histories and shared fashions.

“The Parakeet Cocktail Chair is my luxurious embroidered response to the sight of wild exotic birds flying across grey London skies.”

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