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Sasha Wardell

an interesting conundrum

Instagram: @sashawardell

Pair of Tall Space Bowls, 2021

Multi-layered slip cast bone china with sliced decoration. Polished to egg shell finish. Each one 30 cm high. Unique pieces. The maker’s mark is inscribed into the base of each piece before firing.

£1,500 for the pair, or £850 each. P&P £20

Sparkle Bowl, 2020

Multi-layered slip cast bone china with sliced decoration. Polished.  16.5cm high x 18 cm diameter. Unique piece. The maker’s mark is inscribed into the base before firing.

£550. P&P £20

Sasha Wardell has over 30 years’ experience in the world of bone china and porcelain having studied in two centres of excellence, namely Stoke-on-Trent in England and Limoges, France. She has taken elements of this industry and adapted them to a studio environment with her own production, which includes bespoke vases, bowls, lighting and tea ware. Sasha concentrates on perfecting her craft-based skills which enhance the inherent qualities of bone china; her carefully produced distinctive work embraces and reflects contemporary taste and lifestyle. Each piece is individually made using industrial processes and techniques which aim to highlight the translucent aspect of this material.

Sasha is known for her multi-layered slipcast bone china vessels, technically demanding, delicate, and utterly contemporary in presentation.

“Bone china is a famously challenging material. Whilst its translucency seduces, its high shrinkage and warping issues present an interesting conundrum for the maker.

I decided therefore to make these pieces during lockdown as it afforded me the time and energy to develop a long-held ambition to create larger work.”

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