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Snowden Flood

selecting, recolouring, redesigning and amending

Snowden Flood is a versatile product designer and also a shop-keeper. Visitors to her charming shop at the Oxo Tower will know she is also a big fan of vintage. American-born Snowden trained and then worked in textiles for many years, initially alongside New York architect/designer Peter Marino, sourcing and designing for contract and luxury interiors. More recently she has applied her surface design skills to items such as ceramics, prints, tea-towels, aprons and deckchairs. Snowden has now returned to her design roots, undertaking a new project that draws from an exciting design archive.

Snowden says, “I’ve been examining the vintage patterns in the amazing collection amassed by Claudia, owner of the Print Archivists historical textile design archive of 13,000 pieces. I’ve now assembled a collection, selecting elements, recolouring, redesigning and amending and am launching a new collection of furnishing fabrics, on quality linen, cotton and hemp grounds. This project completely marries my interiors textile experience with a forgotten & unseen piece of design history. I feel more excited and inspired by this project than I’ve felt for some years!”

Snowden’s influences are wide and diverse, including but not restricted to art, shadows, nature, random juxtapositions of colour and light, music, books, travel, stories and good conversations. She says, “I always wanted to be lots of things at the same time: artist, psychologist, singer, gardener, cook, writer… and designer.”