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Emma-Jane Rule

What do you do and what are you most proud of in your making/designing history?

I am a silversmith, metalsmith, jeweller and designer in metal, and I am working hard to achieve this required skill level. Aside from the awards I have won and recognition gained since graduating in 2015, I am most proud of my time spent in the workshop. Refining designs and increasing and developing my technical skills, have required resilience, patience and dedication. Being a member of Contemporary British Silversmiths and also being supported by the Goldsmiths’ Company inspires me to achieve a high level of quality in my craft, and has been essential in my development.

Where do you work and what materials do your prefer/get most inspired by?

I am based in Leicester. Inspiration comes from natural forms, the coastline and from the world around me. Metal is my chosen material and I use the techniques of fold-forming and traditional silversmithing skills, working with hammers and stakes. I also admire and appreciate skills and makers from a variety of practices such as ceramics, textiles and glass.

What do you think will be important or significant for craft practice in general in the future?

The passing on of skills and knowledge to future makers and designers is essential for a vibrant and creative success story. Keeping quality and honesty in materials and design will continue to produce a thriving and world leading creative community.

What are your own aspirations for the next five years?

Future projects involve establishing a portfolio career working in my chosen field and to live a creative lifestyle, which is fulfilling and profitable. To design collections in metal, ranging from interior décor and lighting, sculpture, silverware and jewellery. Also, to establish a workshop, from where I can hopefully inspire others and to pass on the joy of working with metal and hammers.

Emma-Jane has been a member of Design-Nation incorporating Design Factory since 2015.