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Jacky Puzey

What do you do and what are you most proud of in your making/designing history?

I specialise in designing and producing digital embroidery for interiors and fashion. Combining traditional embroidery skills with digital technology, I use fur, feathers, tweed and organza with drawing, laser cutting and digital embroidery to explore my distinctive imagery and style. I am proud of my unique style, which has led to many exciting projects, from winning the Hand and Lock Prize for Embroidery 2015 to the development of a range of embroidered statement furniture with clients from London to Kuwait.

Where do you work and what materials do you prefer/get most inspired by?

My workshop is based in Bristol; I work with clients in the UK and globally. From feral lace to embellished creatures, from feathered interior screens to shimmering metallic bomber jackets, my embroidery creates a baroque pleasure; forming new fabrics, textures and stories. I am inspired by nature, urban landscapes and rich histories of textile patterns and exchanges across cultures, from chintz and Chinoiserie to global tattoo art.

What do think will be important or significant for craft practice in general in the future?

Sustainable production, sustainable materials, richness and tactility of materials as clients want to create their own unique environments in the face of the ubiquitous global digital culture: the best of digital short order production machinery and developments can be enlisted into the artisan processes and integrity of the crafts process.

Jacky has been a member of Design-Nation since 2017.