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Margo Selby

What do you do and what are you most proud of in your making/designing history?

My design philosophy is focused on pushing the boundaries of weaving to create contemporary stylish fabrics for a range of textile applications, uniting the very best weavers and high quality fibres to produce beautifully crafted products. My proudest moment was in 2017, when I was invited by the Rochester Public Art Gallery to present my first solo art exhibition Pick by Pick.

Where do you work and what materials do you prefer/get most inspired by?

I live and work by the sea in Whitstable, and find the lifestyle and community constantly inspiring. My artworks are individually handwoven in the studio using a technique called Lampas. I use a range of yarns within my products, but colour is a driving force behind my work. It feels like I am painting with yarn when I am on the loom to achieve the different hues.

What do think will be important or significant for craft practice in general in the future?

As an art medium, textiles are enjoying a bit of a moment right now. Thanks to advocates such as Ann Coxon at the Tate Modern, who curated the Anni Albers exhibition in 2018/19; and the Fashion & Textile Museum who hosted The Future of Textiles: Textile Art 2028. The talk amongst weavers is very much about the promising future of textile art and the opportunities currently available to us.

What are your own aspirations for the next five years?

I want to develop my handwoven artworks by keeping the loom in the studio moving with new design inspiration. Weaving is my passion and starting point for all I do whether this is a one-off art piece or a commercial design. I hope to continue pushing the boundaries of decorative woven fabric embracing collaboration and innovation along the way.

Margo has been a member of Design-Nation since 2003.