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Maria Sigma

My approach to design is based on the idea of creating aesthetically engaging and functional textiles and objects via Zero Waste design and craftsmanship. By emphasising the raw quality of the materials and texture and removing any superfluous elements, my work pays close attention to usability and aiming at producing high-quality luxurious sustainable products designed to become timeless heirlooms.

My concept of textile design and production reflects my dedication to zero waste design/production. I strive to decrease to the minimum yarn waste and unnecessary cuts, carbon footprints, the use of machinery, water and electric energy.

I exclusively use natural undyed materials. British wool is my material of choice because of its excellent qualities and its transformable character. For me craft is more than just a way of making things; it’s a way of thinking and living in the most sustainable way. I strongly believe that craft will be the necessary opposite to our machine-made digital world and a sustainable alternative to industrial mass-production.

So far I’ve had the honour of collaborating with exceptional interior designers, architects, fashion designers, magazines and galleries, such as Susie Atkinson Interior Design Studio, Studio Reed, MAKE Hauser & Wirth’s Somerset Gallery and Hole & Corner Magazine.

My vision is to have a sustainable creative craft-based business. In the the next five years I aspire setting up my own weaving studio/showroom and space for workshops open to the public.

Maria joined the Design-Nation network in 2018.