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Angie Parker

the patterns flow and each inspires the next

When I’m sampling handwoven designs I work instinctively and often spontaneously. Some days a new piece of grafitti on my walk to the studio will feed directly into a design, or other times I just gather a combination of yarns from stock and start playing. The patterns tend to flow as the weaving progresses and each new variation often inspires the subsequent six samples. Krokbragd lends itself perfectly to this way of working which is probably why I keep returning to this bound weave rug technique. These ideas later feed into actual rugs or wall hangings at the ‘right’ time, be it a week or a decade later.

My work is entirely handmade, from warping up the loom, the weaving processes themselves and then finishing off the rugs and textiles. When I weave my rug techniques on a minute scale using silks and fine cottons the work becomes really intricate and the finishing processes are satisfyingly fiddly. I spent many an hour on the Northern Line tying damascus edges on samples in the 90’s.

My typical moments of inspiration happen at the loom. Working with my preferred yarns of fine mercerised cottons, a particular colour combination or a balance of pattern will spark a joyous feeling that means I’ve hit on something. It happens frequently and has become an integral part of my design process. I’m sure the reason people find my work uplifting is because it is created from my genuine joyful passion for the techniques I’ve become addicted to, and the many moments of glee I experience in making.