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Clare L Wilson

if the glass behaves in an unexpected way, something not planned for, that is where the most exciting developments come from

I make functional art objects in glass, working primarily with cane and murrine techniques, and place a great deal of importance on my continuing technical skills development. I am drawn to working with cane in particular because of the technical challenges involved and the infinite possibilities available in the application of the technique. My long commitment to this material and its processes result in a skilled and sensitive body of work that continues to evolve.

The nature of making glass requires a lot of forethought and planning, so I usually know exactly what I will be making on any given day. Working with glass is very process driven and technical, so making product usually requires at least a few days of preparation. The larger pieces can take months to prepare, from design drawings to testing colour techniques, and making sure I have the right tools and equipment to complete a piece.

Inspiration will often come when I am making, occasionally the glass will behave in an unexpected way, something that had not been planned for and this is usually where the most exciting developments come from. While I wouldn’t consider the majority of my work to be intricate because of the smaller scale I work on, it does take a lot of time and patience to put together some of my cane designs.

It is satisfying to be doing what I love, to be working with my chosen material and to be challenged by what I do: those are the things that keep me content.