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Harriet Elkerton

I think through my hands, I design through making

I think through my hands, I design through making. The ceramic vessels are crafted directly from the maquettes I make; design decisions are determined by how the forms work together. Moreover the material(s) inform the form. For London CraftWeek I am interested in working on the decorative and sculptural side of my practice, an area frequently neglected for the purely functional.

My entire process is a balancing act, a dance between the materials behaving as they will and me intervening: the use of paper to create the models establishes an inherent instability in the process. The moisture in the plaster causes the paper to buckle, to stretch, leaving unpredictable shapes in the final mould. The evidence of construction is deliberately left visible: the seam lines, the torn pieces of tape. Once the porcelain is cast, the kiln has its way with the material too; the waves encourage deforming and movement in the final form of the object. These moments of unexpectedness are purposefully set up, to get a handmade feel, an individuality, from repetition.

The vessels are calm. They are a material exploration. They are organic yet clean and crisp.