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Adele Howitt

a living landscape

Clay is a sculptural medium for Adele Howitt, as opposed to the tradition of using it as a technical medium, or an exploration of the vessel. Her techniques include drawing, hand building, coil- or slab- building, hand-thrown elements, extruding and glazing.

Post-industrial and semi-rural landscapes are Adele’s inspiration. Recently it’s been the canal near her studio, which links the Rivers Humber, the Ouse and the Don, and which facilitated the development of the South Yorkshire pottery industry in the eighteenth century. This man-made network of waterways allowed barges to carry works from famous potteries such as Rockingham, Kilnhurst and Mexborough to the ports of Goole and Hull to export around the world.

Adele has been particularly inspired by the recent emergence of new wildflower and grass habitats along the route, as nature reclaims what was lost during industrialisation. She finds this particularly poignant and inspiring, saying:

“The melancholy feels of the canal’s faded industrial history, like so many post-industrial environments, is now being brightened by an explosion of natural wildlife. My work aims to capture both the industrial past and allude to the contemporary globalisation which has led to its next environmental phase. The irony is not lost on that the pottery carried on this very waterway in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries canals displayed idealised Neo-Classical landscapes of the sort that never existed and were vastly removed from the industrial pollution that set a process that today has turned full circle. My collection celebrates today’s wild and living landscape and heightens awareness of the importance of necessary pollinators, and the dangers of global pollution and environmental change. It commemorates the living landscape at a critical change for the environment.”

Adele began her career making ceramics for the public realm and has a portfolio of architectural ceramics and art, placed in both exterior and interior spaces across the North of England.

Adele is a colourist. Her ceramics only speak of one colour each, as the changing light and environment create different hues. She has developed a restricted palette of glazes and applies these to red, black, or buff clay, to create a range of soft, matt hues. Blue and white tones are important to reflect upon popular 19th century British ceramic traditions.

In the past Adele has collaborated with a landscape architect.  A residency in Seville, Spain, to research the concept of a ‘mosaic landscape’ led her to further investigations under the microscope. Experimentation with form is important to her, with her ultimate objective to hold the movement and flow of the environment. The notion of a ‘living landscape’ and climate change are also key issues that Adele explores.

Pieces for Sale:

Hinterwater V, 2023, H 40cm, terracotta with matt blue cobalt glaze, EW fired.


Hinterwater VI, 2023, H 35cm, terracotta with matt blue cobalt glaze, EW fired.

£1,755 – Made to Order Only

Stellaria VI, 2024, H 25cm, white stoneware, matt tin, white glaze.


Hypericum, 2024, W 40cm x H 30cm, white stoneware, matt tin, white glaze.


Hedgerow, 2024, W 25cm x H 28cm, recative pink tin glaze.


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