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Scott Benefield

the status of objects

Many people working in craft disciplines pursue parallel careers doing serial production and making unique pieces. In Scott Benefield’s practice he makes a range of functional objects for sale in retail spaces, but then shows quite different work at prestigious events such as the British Glass Biennale. These are two separate but related approaches, and that duality – and all that it implies about the status of objects, the history of craft media and your identity as a maker – has often been the subject of Scott’s exhibition work.

Scott has been a professional glassblower for 35 years, establishing production studios in New Orleans and Seattle before moving to Northern Ireland in 2010 and, with his wife Andrea Spencer, starting Benefield Spencer Glass. In 2023 he was part of the Fortnum & Makers Project, supplying Fortnum & Mason with a bespoke line of functional glassware.

Scott has exhibited his sculptural glasswork at the British Glass Biennale, the Ireland Glass Biennale and as part of the Corning Museum of Glass’ annual New Glass Review. His work is held in several public and private collections, including the Sir Elton John Collection. He says:

“After all these years, there’s still a fascination with the process of blowing glass using traditional techniques and tools. I still find it challenging to deeply understand and control the hot, fluid material. That’s not readily evident in the finished work, which is merely the result of that process, but that’s what really engages me.”

Piece for Sale:

Inversion (Ice), 2023, W 29cm H x 27cm D x 25cm, hand-blown glass with nylon fixings



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