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Alex O’Connor

poetry, resilience, solace

A fine art background informs Alex’s elegant designs in silver, balancing forms and surface finishes in sleekly crafted vessels that are influenced by her Cornish location.

We asked her: what gives your work its unique signature? My work is unapologetically sculptural; I employ essential elements of form, surface, composition and balance. Vessels are a consistent presence in my collections; archetypal forms suffused with harmony, composure, poise and serenity.

How did you make this new work for Decorex? My pieces always begin as quick drawings, before developing into technical drawings and models. Sheets of silver are scored, folded and manipulated around steel and nylon tools. After soldering and cleaning, the surfaces are treated with various files and abrasives to get just the right degree of finish. I often use the contrast between a scoured, matte finish and highly polished interior or rim. A burnished, sinuous line may run down the body of a silky vessel.

Where did inspiration for this new work come from? I’m based on the western edge of the UK in Cornwall and work is influenced by this unique landscape; time, topography, nature, pathways. Walking is an integral part of my initial working process -meditative, revelatory and always affirmative. I try to express the poetry of the landscape in the pieces; the resilience and dynamism but also the stillness and solace.

Works shown: Song pouring vessels and Song cups, all sterling silver.