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Katherine Staples

handmade organic flow

Pushing clay to its limits, Katherine’s forms for interior and exterior display are handbuilt, using traditional pinching and coiling techniques to create contemporary sculptural statements.

We asked: What is it that gives your work its unique signature? I create bespoke, hand made, organic flow clay sculptures and wall pieces.  My work is contemporary design, hand-built with clay using traditional coiling techniques.

Where did your inspiration for this new work come from? From nature, the sea, waves gently lapping, patterns left behind by the sea in the sand.

We’ve all been spending more time at home this year; what does luxury at home mean to you? Being with my two kiddies and getting to really know them again whilst being their teacher and mum. Having the time to exercise every day, enjoying the light early mornings either running or on my bike before the rest of the world wakes up whilst my husband is at home with the children.

Works shown: a new collection of wall-hung and surface-based sculptural pieces. Photos by Elli Den.