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Pamela Print

bold colour, sustainable materials

Pamela uses a traditional dobby loom, blending complex weave structures and colours that result in intricately woven, bold art and functional interior pieces, with a firm commitment to sustainability, local sourcing and zero waste principles.

We asked her: What is it that gives your work its unique signature? My signature style combines traditional weave techniques with interchanging blocks of bold contemporary colour, with a strong focus on natural sustainable materials influencing my creative approach.

How did you make this new work? This piece was handwoven using British wool and a double cloth technique on my 24 shaft dobby loom. Two layers of colour interplay with four different weave structures, creating new shades and bold textural shapes where warp and weft meet. The final piece, once off the loom, was the lightly felted by hand.

Where did your inspiration come from? The stepped form of the Art Deco church situated at Altitude Cent, the highest point in Brussels – a creative quarter where I lived for seven years and my weaving practice began. Colours were influenced by the 1920s Deco period: spearmint was my starting point, which was popular for both exterior and interiors at that time.

Work shown: Altitude Stripe 100