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Piccolpasso Handmade Tiles

shapes are boundaries for colour

Colour, texture and pattern blend in Caroline Egleston’s painterly brushstrokes on her Piccolpasso ranges of handmade tiles, brought together in carefree yet considered compositions.

We asked Caroline: What is it that gives your work its unique signature? My handmade tiles play together through shape, colour and texture; bold and elegant.

Where did inspiration for this new work come from? I am interested in the way shapes relate to each other and how shapes are boundaries for colour. In practical tiling, the pieces need to fit together but sometimes it is interesting to pull those shapes apart in a quirky way.

I want to present the possibilities for chunky tile shapes as an artwork, hung tidily on the wall by leather onto a wooden peg.  Wolfram Lohr, another Design-Nation member, made the leather and peg fittings for me.

Is there an interiors project you’ve been involved in that you are particularly proud of? I love my tile frieze in an old cottage where the brief was “exuberant and colourful”.  I’ve worked with some wonderful clients and each project gives me fresh ideas.

Works shown: Shopping for tiles x 2, kitchen frieze, large frieze. Photos by maker and Yeshen Venema, the later styled by Jessica Jung.