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Speckled Grey

soothed or energised

Craftsmanship and functionality are demonstrated in Elle Maxwell’s slipcast lighting and vessels, finely cast in Parian porcelain to evoke natural surfaces and contemporary shapes.

We asked Elle: What is it that gives your work its unique signature? I think the running thread throughout my work is a sensitivity of colour and a soft, tactile texture. I like each piece to invite a sense of calmness and simplicity when seen or held in your hands.

Where did inspiration for this new work come from? These pieces are made from Parian porcelain through a method of colouring, slip casting, and sanding back the surface to reveal intricate terrazzo patterning. I spend a lot of time experimenting with colour, and colour combinations through my making method. I feel that colour, texture and light can have the ability to change your mood, to allow you to feel soothed or energised, and appeal inherently to people in different ways. The combination of sensitive colour and Parian porcelain is something I feel inspired to create with, and this was the main focus of inspiration when creating these pieces.

We’ve all been spending more time at home this year, what does luxury at home mean to you? Luxury at home has to be a lie-in, a creamy coffee from the machine (my lifeblood), the sun coming through the window in the morning, all the house plants alive and thriving (often not), and a tasty Massaman curry cooked by my husband!

Works shown: Disc Lamp, Disc Wall Sconces, Grey Facet Lamps, Grey Sibling Vases and a selection of drinkware.