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Our “Multi-Talented” Film:

Our talented makers worked with craft film experts R&A Collaborations to create this lovely new film, which we launched on 4 October as London Craft Week 2021 opened.

Other event recordings:

On My Workbench 1 with Diane Griffin, Emily Jo Gibbs, Fiona J Sperryn, Samantha Sweet, Sarah Burton and Valerie Wartelle.

On My Workbench 2 with Alison Shelton Brown, Amelia Ayerst of Duo-Hue, Amy Leigh, Barnaby Ash & Dru Plumb of Ash & Plumb, Helen Slater and Kate Bajic.

On My Workbench 3 with Debbie Barber, Jacky Puzey, Kira Phoenix K’inan, Linda Bloomfield, Lucy MacDonald of Arra Textiles and Rachel Fitzpatrick.

Talk: What Makes Good Modern Craft? Hayley Banks of Design-Nation is joined by Amy Leigh, Diane Griffin, Emily Jo Gibbs, Fiona J Sperryn, Jacky Puzey and Linda Bloomfield.