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Arra Textiles (Lucy MacDonald)

ambitiously intricate textiles

Arra Textiles is the creation of designer and weaver Lucy MacDonald, who strives to use natural, traceable materials to create timeless heirlooms, with craftsmanship, sustainability and identity at the heart of each design.

Lucy says, “Great craft has meaning, it tells a story and pulls the audience in making them want to touch it, experience it and find out more. I want to push the boundaries of traditional craft, experiment with new techniques and old materials, but mainly to test my own abilities and keep weaving interesting.”

The Arra Textiles studio considers the environmental impact of each stage of design, production, marketing and aftercare. Lucy’s zero-waste production policy combines with an emphasis on heritage techniques and considered narratives.

The absence of shows, workshops or other deadlines in 2021 has afforded Lucy time and focus for development of new and projects. Inspired by shoreline trips during lockdown, she uses her expert knowledge of dobby loom shaft structures and combines a variety of textile techniques including bobbin weaving, hand-woven tapestry, hand-tied tufting and modern computerised weaving. Her chosen colour palette is drawn from wild Scottish coastlines, from inky blues to soft greys, connecting her work to place and forming an emotional connection between the viewer and her designs.