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Blott Works (Dan Morrison)

a love of characterful mechanics

Blott Works founder Dan Morrison is an artist-engineer who hand-crafts limited-edition, functional sculptures, exploring the interplay between natural and industrial worlds, and our emotional relationships with them.

Dan says “I am driven to create by the act of taking a feeling or insight, and making it available to others in a way that enriches their lives.”

Dan has years of experience creating imaginative worlds and objects for stage and online. His work encourages interaction, introducing a sense of ritual into everyday activities, involving kinetic elements and simple mechanisms to adjust pieces or set them in motion. The aesthetic is about a love of characterful mechanics: sumptuously curved custom cars and bikes, raw industrial materials, and the functional charm of simple machine components. Dan works in his West Yorkshire studio and where possible he “over-engineers” his components to give an air of indestructibility. Materials have strong heritages in both practical and decorative settings: industrial metals, concrete and hardwoods.

Recently Dan has developed playful uses for gravity and equilibrium in new sculptural lamps, bringing together physical principals found in wheels, scales and rocking-chairs. He has created consistent processes for shaping plywood; designed beautiful structural aluminium parts that balance perfectly, and engineered brass weights to allow full adjustments of the lamp. The result is Blott Works’ new and fun Balance lamps collection.