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Jacky Oliver

controlled precision, experiments & serendipity

Jacky Oliver creates sculptural work on many scales, using a range of metalwork techniques: soldering, piercing, etching and enamelling.

Jacky says, “I love working with metal – pushing its potential technically and aesthetically is what drives me to keep creating. I can work in two contrasting ways: a controlled precision with my linear structures, whilst the enamel and etched elements allow me to enjoy and embrace experimentation and serendipity – making the most of the unpredictable qualities of these processes.”

Jacky enjoys the many qualities achieved through different processes: etching and enamelling on layered surfaces, creating and experimenting with mark-making as  she draws on details from archive material. She hand-forges linear elements, working three-dimensionally, sometimes for the main process in a piece, or supporting elements. She’s also incorporated blown glass, in her collaboration with fellow Design-Nation member G R Hawes.

Jacky’s new mobile Composition I has etched and pierced panels inspired by the bold, yet simple geometry and typography of 1920s design movements like Constructivism and De Stijl. The fluid movement of the supporting steel linear structure explores composition and allows each element to be viewed from all angles. Compositions II-VII explore variations of geometric form, developed from studies of Bauhaus architecture and the geometry of designs from the movement.