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Kate Bajic

beauty, fragility and preciousness

Kate Bajic is a contemporary jeweller living in Leicestershire and creating one-off and limited-edition pieces, inspired by lichen’s varied forms, patterns and textures.

Kate says, “I have a passion for hand making and an emotional need to create.”

Kate begins by photographing, collecting and drawing examples of lichen. Selected elements are scaled up into sculptural pieces of jewellery, highlighting the detailed beauty of this often overlooked micro world. Designs evolve through experiment: layering, composition, playing with contrasting colours and textures. When Kate’s jewellery is worn, she hopes it will impart the beauty, fragility and preciousness of the natural world and encourage the wearer to feel a connection with the exquisite and diverse forms that inspired it.

Kate works in her garden studio using traditional jewellery tools; enjoying the mindfulness of slow making, in particular hand piercing her intricate shapes, and applying textures using hand-punches and hammers. Recent works are one-of-a-kind sterling silver pieces which incorporate rich textural surface details. Kate also incorporates elements of 18ct gold, black moonstone and baroque river pearls, and takes commission for pieces in gold. These intricate and detailed pieces, designed to be worn as statement jewellery, sit comfortably together as a collection. Yet each piece is unique and distinct with beautiful flowing natural forms.