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Kira Phoenix K’inan

mesmeric and other-worldly

Kira Phoenix K’inan brings together fine art and craft though her glass sculptures, exploring the nature of drawing, and employing a rich colour palette and dynamic hand-drawn lines.

Kira says, “I really enjoy creating glass artworks that use rich colour, dynamic lines that intertwist into one another, and works in constant visual flux, as this allows me to express my experience of the world.”

Kira’s unique process, the Relief Drawing Technique, developed from traditional techniques, involves labour-intensive carving directly into plaster which is used to cast fine ground glass. This hands-on process allows her to experiment with surface textures. The vivid outcomes create shadows that dance on walls or shift tone as they respond to types of light.

Kira’s ethically produced collections have grown organically through study and residencies: works on paper, unique glass sculptures, ephemeral installations and multi-exposure photography. Her Optic Cloud Series takes inspiration from irregular geometric cubes formed in natural fluorite clusters and Fox Glacier, New Zealand, which she climbed as a child, the only glacier in the world to be surrounded by trees, and with extraordinary layered formations of ice. Her artworks have a mesmeric and other-worldly quality, reflecting and refracting light, capturing a “World Between Worlds”.