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Linda Bloomfield

translucent colours, dimples & visible throwing lines

Linda Bloomfield makes wheel-thrown tableware and sculptural pieces in porcelain, made distinct with dimples and visible throwing lines that show the hand of the maker.

Linda says. “A great craft maker needs a combination of both making skills and design vision. I keep striving to make the best I can.”

Linda makes her own range of glazes and is particularly interested in the translucent colours obtained using oxides rather than commercial stains. She uses a tactile satin matt glaze on the outside and colour on the inside of her tableware. Linda is a glaze specialist, particularly matt and special effect lichen glazes, writing six books on glazes, science and pottery, for both potters and scientists, and also teaching workshops on understanding glazes.

Linda’s tableware is supplied to shops, galleries, cafes and restaurants. She has also designed ranges for restaurants based on her handthrown pieces. Recently Linda has made a series of vessels and jars with lichen-effect glazes. She started to explore these during researching for her book Special Effect Glazes, published in 2020. Her most recent pieces are a series in a new colour she has developed, to represent green, mossy, lichen-covered growths.