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Samantha Sweet

a sense of the handmade at heart

Central to glass artist Samantha Sweet’s work is the making process, using traditional skills and quality materials and telling the story of how they were made.

Samantha says, “I aim to create objects which are more personal, relatable and enjoyable to use. By combining traditional making skills with modern design I intend to make pieces that can be treasured for many years.”

Samantha uses her hands and judgement to create precious objects that recognise the history of glass-making in the UK, and reflect modern culture in shapes and patterns. She creates vessels and lighting, and teaches glass-working. It’s very clear to her that over the last year our homes are playing an increasingly important role as our sanctuary for emotional and physical security. She wants spaces to promote a feeling of wellbeing and work for everyone’s individual needs, and the importance or creating interiors that truly feel like home. For Samantha, a sense of the handmade at its heart transforms space into something positively personal.

Samantha works across glass types: her iconic glasses and vessels are made from cut lead crystal, the “orchid” of the glass world, sucking in light like no other glass, refracting back in technicolour.  Tough and versatile borosilicate is the perfect choice for torch-working and perfect for her new fibre optic bulbs: high performing with no compromise on clarity.