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 London Design Festival 2018

Bridget Macklin

vibrant strata, taking risks with materials

Every piece of work I make begins with the same blank canvas:  a thin sheet of pure white porcelain with its connotations of beauty, value and fragility.  Into this I mix local raw materials.  These interact with the porcelain to build vibrant strata of colour and personal interest where the only limit to interpreting the finer detail is the viewer’s imagination.  I delight in taking risks with materials, constantly striving to create thin, lustrous work which only reveals its full nature on closer inspection. 

Decorex plays to my passion for landscape and my contributions relates intimately to Syon Park.  Given the relationship of the Park to the River Thames – the lakes were excavated along the river’s prehistoric channel – the local material used comes from the river bank, harvested at low tide nearby. 

My concept begins with a chandelier to light the work of others in the group and continues with a collection of vessels, designed to draw together the individual contributions and build a coherent setting. One vessel group with be cylindrical the other in more rounded shapes. I am also experimenting with a large moon jar shape. All will have Thames clay imbedded in the structure of the vessel.