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 London Design Festival 2018

Laura Elizabeth Glass

Laura is a London based glass-artist from the island of Bermuda. With 10 years experience working with hand-blown glass Laura creates lighting, interior accessories and sculpture in her London studio. She uses her skills in hot glass to capture the incandescent qualities of glass combined with precious metals, copper, silver and gold. Over the years Laura has developed complex techniques for working with the materials to create patinas on the surface and inside the glass.

Many inspirations for collections begin with growing up on an island where the elements are very much a part of everyday life. Storms, hurricanes, and water shortages all highlight a beautiful, but fragile ecosystem and it is this elemental world that continues to be a source of concepts. In her most recent lighting collection ‘Cascade’, Laura celebrates water in her lighting with sparkling silver and copper oxide pendants. The process of layering the metals in the glass evokes droplets of water in the idea of an approaching storm and isolated rain clouds.