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 London Design Festival 2018

Raw Studio

more efficient, environmentally respectful and aesthetically pleasing

Raw Studio create pieces efficient for one-off or small batch production, often inspired by an interest in novel materials and industrial processes available locally. Much of this thinking is intended to blur the line between craft and technology in design and production. Each piece has a narrative hidden in its unique design. This work is informed by lead designer Nick Rawcliffe’s diverse background. His finished pieces all combine unique concepts from a Royal College of Art training with the efficiency of processes learned during a mechanical engineering degree. Raw Studio mixes the functionality of a Bauhaus education with wabi sabi identity learned from working in Japan.

Nick Rawcliffe says, “My aim is to create a process that adds an extra dimension to the value of the finished work. For each of my pieces, there is always a justified reason for each decision made throughout the design process. Each design consideration – be it material or tooling, logistics or supply sourcing – is fully challenged as part of a holistic design process, driving me to make things more efficiently, environmentally respectful and aesthetically pleasing than before.”

The discovery of new materials and processes, within an environment of craft- technology crossover, influences Nick’s work. Recent industry collaborators include leatherworkers Deni Deni in Lancashire, Stella Soomlais in Talinn, Lakeland Laser & AK Stainless on high end tube laser processing, Wupdoodle on CNC cutting and Graphic Relief on mould-making for lighting.