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 London Design Festival 2018

Sharyn Dunn

Sharyn Dunn explores the interaction of light and shade within geometric forms. Using a variety of materials, predominately papers, simulated parchments and fine polymers, she folds and manipulates to create geometric and organic structures that develop their own unique light and shadow effects. With additional creative lighting, this provides a unique, dynamic and thought provoking experience. In recent years her work has grown, focusing on the development of 3D geometric forms and their interaction and integration with light, shade and repetition.

Sharyn’s range of work comprises of lighting, wall or freestanding sculptures and wall panels, which she describes as “giving art a functional application”. Sharyn undertakes bespoke projects for domestic and commercial interiors, and also a standard range of lighting (which can also be adapted).

Sharyn says, “My instinct has been to reject the move towards commercial and the mass- produced product. This conflict is driving a growing interest in the grey area between art and functional art. The viewer interaction with my sculptures is a very important part of the artwork, as I deliberately create optical effects which change as the viewer moves around the work. Engaging the viewer is an integral part of the artwork experience. Their curiosity in the materials used or the changing light and shadows that appear when the work is illuminated, is a primary influence on my creations.”