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Invest in a maker, glory in their marks, and share the secrets of their tools.

An exploration by Barbara Chandler for London Craft Week 2017

What makes every craftsperson unique? Arguably, it’s the “marks” they leave on their materials, from the big picture of shape and colour and overall texture, to the smaller details of lips, rims, spouts, cuts, joints, edges, seams, pleats, folds, stitches and so on. Pattern can be crucial, as makers print, glaze, engrave, emboss, incise and mount to finish their work. Tools are the key, from the broad sweep of the studio itself, painstakingly tailored to suit individual needs – to a favourite knife, an old mallet and even a pebble. And as we reveal, every maker has a different background, motivations, inspirations, and surroundings, all of which may significantly affect their work.

Design-Nation is delighted to present this carefully selected portfolio of our members, some of the prolific and innovative contemporary craftspeople and designers in the UK. They inspire, delight and inform craft practice. Our members’ portfolio can be used to buy, commission, collaborate, consult, trade, collect, source, research and innovate.

We are grateful to those who have supported us in the creation and promotion of this showcase, especially Barbara Chandler, but we also couldn’t have done it without Helen Kemp, David and Alice at Seen PR, Koo, Damon, Lauren and the team at The Unloved, Yeshen Venema and Mugdha Sapte, Scott Stannard, Greg at Zeppelin Creative, Caroline Gooch, Peter Kewn, Colyer Phillips and Café Sunlight. Design-Nation also sincerely thanks our funders and partners: Arts Council England, London Craft Week, Coin Street Community Builders, Leisure in the Community with North Kesteven District Council.