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Linda Bloomfield

What do you make?

Thrown porcelain tableware, bottles and vases. Ilso sell to galleries, shops, restaurants and online. I have recently made cake stands and plates for Jamie Oliver’s Barbecoa restaurant in Piccadilly and the Clove Club in Shoreditch.

Tell us how you do it

I throw porcelain on the wheel and fire in an electric kiln. I make my own glazes from raw materials rather than buying commercial glazes and ceramic stains. I’ve written several books on glazes.

I like to show the hand of the maker, leaving throwing lines and impressing dimples into the freshly thrown clay. I have recently started to flute bowls and vases and to make still life groups of bottles.

What inspires you?

I love the texture of marble, eggs and shells, matt on the outside and glossy on the inside. I also love the colours of lichen; mustard yellow and grey. Throwing pots is like meditating. I love the smooth feel of the porcelain.

What has motivated you?

I did science A levels, and learned to throw with a Harrow-trained studio potter. I joined the pottery society at Warwick University and went on making pottery at evening classes until I could buy my own kiln and set up my studio. I had financial help from my husband and parents. My breakthrough was selling my tableware to Liberty in 2007. I worked as a scientific researcher at Imperial College before becoming a potter

What’s a good studio for a potter?

Well, I have three sheds in my garden in West London: a studio, a kiln shed and one for storage. I have a transparent roof, which lets in the light and cold water which is plumbed in. My location means I can easily deliver orders to shops and restaurants.

A favourite tool?

A “rib” for throwing on the wheel – a flat bit of wood with one straight edge and one curved. It helps to shape the inside of a bowl or the outside of a cylinder.

And your ambitions?

I would like to make larger pieces and more still life installations.

Any advice?

Keep practising, never give up.