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Amy Leigh

energetic and fluid forms


Amy Leigh is an environmentally conscious contemporary designer and maker, of jewellery and decorative objects. Each piece is unique and handcrafted by Amy in her Suffolk studio, using sustainable materials and innovative techniques. Amy’s signature process involves melting pewter to a liquid state before rapidly cooling it in water, capturing the energetic and fluid form of the once molten metal. She combines the pewter sculptures with bio-resin to create tactile and intriguing pieces.

Driven by a desire to create work unlike anyone else’s, Amy continues to push the boundaries of unusual material combinations. Her latest body of work is a fresh take on sustainability, using the waste her business produces she cleverly repurposes it into a new material. Composed of layer upon layer of waste, plastic packaging, old moulds, samples and offcuts all get reused. Amy sculpts modern and stylish homewares from this innovative material, creating desirable pieces and importantly moving towards her goal of a circular economy.