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Anna Thomson

craft skills & experimental thinking


Balancing design and craft, Anna Thomson’s work explores the intrinsic qualities of vitreous clay bodies, together with innovative exploration of new technologies and industrial techniques within a craft context. Craft skills and experimental thinking combine with technology and industrial technique, aiming to push the boundaries of both process and materials. Anna’s studio practice embraces experimentation, continuous learning and challenges.

Her recent development of a complex 38-piece modular mould allows for the assembly of different profile pieces in multiple configurations. Digital technology and 3D printing were used in the development of this unique plaster mould concept, together with traditional hand modelling and mould-making. More profiles will be added to the ever-growing bank to allow for more variations of form.

Anna sees these as experiments, where the different profiles sit in harmony, discord or are vying for attention with their architecturally inspired crisp geometries. Vessels or lighting can be created. This installation showcases the gentle translucencies of porcelain, parian and bone china as a lighting installation, the forms accentuated by harnessing the natural variations in casting thickness. The characteristics of the different clay bodies can be seen, from the warm translucent hues of porcelain to the cleaner white of bone china.

Anna Thomson was awarded Design-Nation membership through MADE Makers Online 2020.