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Ash & Plumb

a certain fluidity


Echoes of Flora is a new collection of forms, a celebration both of the material with which Barnaby Ash and Dru Plumb work, and the making process itself. Whilst Barnaby and Dru generally go into their creative practice with the intent of producing something specific, they prefer to allow for a certain fluidity during the process which leads to a more spontaneous and enjoyable way of working. This practice is the way in which they’ve formed this collection of pieces, each being a unique take on a silhouette, an evolutionary play on proportion dancing from one vessel to the next.

Barnaby and Dru bring attention to a diverse selection of responsibly sourced and British grown timbers, really showcasing some of the amazing materials in the UK and celebrating unique and interesting features of the material that are often considered defects in other contexts. For Ash & Plumb, the sourcing of these timbers is something that takes great consideration. They are careful to select both the most ideal material for their purposes, and also only purchase British trees that have been either responsibly coppiced, or felled due to risk, storm damage, disease or decay.