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Georgia Bosson

reframing craft


Designer Georgia Bosson’s studio is well known for projects that are both exploratory and playful, with a collection that combines hand screen-printed textiles, timber, quilting and embroidery, to create a textural and diverse range of products for homes.

The studio process is craft-led, with traditional techniques forming the backbone of the research. This way of working brings life and texture to the designs, softening graphic shapes with imperfect hand-drawn lines and enhancing digital processes with handmade finishes.

In addition to the in-house product range the studio also works to commission for companies and private clients including Studio Weave, Tate Enterprises, Neptune and The White Company.

Georgia’s new work is a quilt which is an exploration of drawing through cloth, reframing a craft which is steeped in history through the lens of contemporary design. The piece is made entirely from sustainable European linen and organic wool. The ZhongZheng (ZZ) quilt was inspired by a building found in the Zhongzeng district of Taipei. The windowless structure was full of texture and inspired a series of continuous line drawings which resulted in the design for this quilt. Whilst the final design is unrecognisable as the original building, the architectural language carries through.