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Hannah Lobley

the evolution of materials


Recycling materials has always been an important element within Hannah Lobley’s work, leading to her creating a new technique using unwanted paper that has become a defining factor within her artistic process.

Combining paper with wood and the relationship between the two materials is taking her on a new journey. Continuing the working practices previously
employed independently with each material, Hannah has married the two with fascinating results. She is intrigued by natural shapes and the beauty of nature, combined with recycling and the evolution of both materials.

Hannah’s collections combine two materials that began at the same source. Paper, a short-term material, is recycled to create a new shape and texture thus extending their journey. As the pieces are wood-worked each material’s grain exposes the consequences of her working actions, revealing the unseen internal imprint as the surface is scraped away.

This installation highlights the need to recycle and environmental issues. The number of blocks in the modular globes increase as they get larger, representing how environmental issues will grow and become more complex, as the world gets older and as humans become more advanced. The shapes depict the world, its diversity and the changes needed to preserve it.