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Julie Vernon

freehand & abstract


Julie Vernon has been creating contemporary mosaic artwork since 2010. All works are original one-offs, combining a mix of materials from glass and ceramic through to natural marble and slate.

Inspired by nature and the changing landscape, Julie is an admirer of rocks, beach ceramic and reclaimed materials, which often find a way into her work. She largely works freehand in an abstract style, guided by the shape and form of materials, assembling them to create texture, pattern, and a sense of movement.

The Natural collection is inspired by Julie’s lockdown walks, and the importance of being outdoors and surrounded by nature as part of her own wellbeing. She chose to work in a monochromatic colour palette, exploring the tones of colour through texture and andamento (the placement of tesserae). Julie hand-cuts unglazed porcelain tiles into strands, using the uneven cut surface to create texture. The strands are then combined with tumbled beach ceramic, natural stone and river rocks. When creating this work, Julie was drawn to the protective and shielding nature of circular shapes, and the sense that a circle contains that within it in safety. Her handmade birch frames have a subtle wax finish, to compliment the minimal feel of this work.