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Laura Mabbutt

creating interactive experiences


The Seed Sanctuary is inspired by The Hub building’s history as a seed warehouse and the idea that it still is one in modern times: it now stores and nurtures the seeds of creativity.

The glasshouse protects the paper seeds inside and as visitors interact with the work, augmented reality plants grow from the seeds. Laura Mabbutt says, “Just as when we all nurture our creative sides, beautiful things emerge and contribute positivity to all of our lives. The Seed Sanctuary is a protective structure that holds the precious, just as we should protect and respect our precious creative industries in difficult times.” This work also references the Global Seed Vault in Svalbard, as the Svalbard facility protects and preserves every known species of seed on earth for the future, the glass house preserves our seeds of creativity.

Laura’s creative practice has been varied, from exhibition curator to craft maker, project producer to game designer. Her practice is underpinned by two themes, craft making and the communication of ideas. As a maker
she is interested in creating bespoke games and interactive experiences that draw attention to lesser-known subjects or facts through the appeal of play and tactility of handleable objects.