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Michaela McMillan

a playful seriousness


Storytelling has always been at the heart of Michaela McMillan’s work, combining fact with legend and fairy tales to create mixed-media sculptures: kitsch, highly coloured, decorated and bold, with a playful seriousness at their core. Narratives flow through layered image bases into assemblages of found objects and recycled materials, using stitch and layered images. Her collections are feminine, figurative, curious, and often feature animals and nature.

Michaela’s new collection A Chorus of Angels focuses on looking forward, affirming that everyone can make a difference and contribute to shaping the future — we are all in control of what happens. It is about using her small voice to positively add to a wider dialogue of inclusion and acceptance, of others and of ourselves.

Each piece in the collection is designated as a shrine, related to one of seven broad themes, and features objects, text, and symbolism that supports and references the theme. These are: Mental Health, Physical Health, Environment, Arts and Health, Friendship, Acceptance and Inclusivity.

Michaela says, ‘My voice is not loud, but it is there, and I will use it.’ Her aim is to create work that retains a handmade finish, embracing imperfections, but made to the highest standard.